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Friday, April 15, 2011


uhhuhuh... style x??

this few weeks kami mmg sgt bz ngan present ent (entreprenuershipp tech) ngan video mandrin (yg bru je hbs last week) plus ngan bykkk test... adoaiii fac tu da mcm hostel ktowg da... tgl nk bwk tilam n bantal jew.... tp beselaa... ble keje2 cmni.. gerenti stress punya kn?? *tk dnafikan kot* tp... kalo kite layan sgt stress tu... lg xjd keje.. btol x?? so.... last2happy2kn diri jew.. =)

IN THE MAKING OF TV4 (mandarin)

uhuhuhuh... ni jus sample n parts of our scene.. mgkn xbpe baik... besela bdk baru belajar.. tp such a great experience... insyaAllah one day... kite akan wat lbh baik kn kwn2?? =)

**btw... nk msukn full vd xblh plak... berat sgt... pluss... more pic will b upload later... =)


1.4 The Management Team



General Manager

Hanis Adiba Mohamad

Project Manager

Khairunisa Zainal Ashar

Marketing Manager

Arifah Aziela Jamaludin

Siti Nuriana Suhaimi

Financial Manager

Nur Hidayah bt Mohd Sukaimi

Operation Manager

Nurhazwani bt Rosli

Research and Development Manager

Farah Wahidah Jamaluddin

Detail of the product

The business that is going to be introduced by our company is Tyre Air Pressure System (TAPS). The TAPS (Tyre Air Pressure Sensor) series of tyre monitors have been designed to simultaneously monitor tyre pressures for all standard passenger vehicles or double axle (4 wheel) trailers. They have the capability to set individual reference pressures for each tyre, ranging from a target cold inflation pressure of 18 to 66 psi, providing a degree of flexibility for a variety of different applications.

The system alerts the driver when the pressures of tyre are abnormal. It is totally wireless and CE Certified. The system operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and 7 life battery life. The system alerts driver within 30 seconds of abnormal pressure. (.....e.c.t....)

*huuhuhuh menarik x? ade yg berminat? blh hubungi kami..... acececehhhh~~ ni mmg just business proposal.. but then kalo btol2 pn bagus.. this things sgt beguna.. maybe leh implement kat kete2 kat msia.. canggeh gitu.. insyaAllah one day..*

btw.. thanks to all BOARD DIRECTER for the cooperation + tensyen ... huuhuh guraw2~ thanks taw kowg.. wlpn mcm2 kerumitan timbul, tp mmg best terutama part2 take picture... uhuhuhuh~ nice experince ^_^ v

......more picture will be upload later......

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